Strawberry Daiquiri



Flavor Profile:

Indulge in the island life with a frosty blend of sugared strawberries, sweet coconut and a hint of golden pineapple.

Customer Reviews

  • This tastes just like a strawberry daiquiri, stays smooth at high nic levels. If u love the sweeter side of fruity flavors, you’ll love this!

  • Hands down the best juice on the market. I have been looking for months for a juice that has a great but not super sweet taste. This is it. Once you try it you will not vape anything else. Super happy customer!!!

  • This strawberry daiquiri is outstanding! It definitely puts a cure to a sweet tooth.

  • First rate! This juice is so delicious. A drop on the finger tastes exactly like fresh strawberries dipped in sugar. Vaped out of my limitless plus and tfv8 it tastes just like a daiquiri. Great job, Coastal Clouds.