Peach Tea



Flavor Profile:

Relax in the summer breeze with sweet and juicy peach nectar with a splash of refreshing iced tea.

Customer Reviews

  • ADV..one and only go to flavor just the right amount of Peach and Tea i f-ing can’t go a day with out my Peach Tea.

  • Such a spot on peach tea vape. Super smooth and the tea flavor really comes through with the perfect amount of peach. Not super sweet just absolutely perfect!

  • I have got to say this is one of the most amazing juices BY FAR. Best Peach Tea flavor on the market. Yet i haven’t tried any of yalls other flavors I wish more people knew about the Peach Sweet Tea e-juice! its awesome and people need to do a video review on it! I went through mine just now and a review completely slipt my mind. Next time I purchase a bottle ill do one! lol or send me a couple bottles ill do that too email is john.powell0409@gmail.com

  • This juice is so amazing Peach Tea says it all. It’s peachy not too peachy like a cool glass of peach iced tea it is truly amazing. I never thought that I would like it BUT I love it..

  • Tried this one on a whim. If I had to explain the taste, I’d say…peach Snapple! Excellent juice. My favorite this far. Have been looking for this juice at local stores, nobody seems to have it. You will not be disappointed!

  • First time I tried this was on vacation at Inno-vapor in Catalina. It made my day. After 6 years, finally a company can match and dare I say exceed the peach green tea flavor I love from Pink Spot. High Five, dap, and hug Coastal Clouds. Y’all are the best of the best. Top tier in all my years of vaping.

  • Best peach tea Eliquid I have found so far. Find it considerably better than Liquid States ‘Sweet leaf’ which seems like the closest alternative. Coastal clouds have taken the top spot for premium eliquid in my opinion 🙂

  • Wow! I really like this juice. Such a great peach taste with a bold crisp tea finish.

    James H.