Maple Butter



Flavor Profile:

Head to the wooded northern coasts to sample the sticky, sweet stack of warm maple syrup pancakes.

Customer Reviews

  • Being an Aussie I had never heard of this Maple Butter until I was in Shanghai and caught up with an ole mate who said I had to give this a try…. Well F*&K me this would have to be the best tasting juice I have had in my 4 1/2 years of vaping!! This is the only juice i now want to vape and am calling it my AYV (All Year Vape)…

    Just ordered another 120ml but thinking the way I went through the 500ml i got in Shanghai I should have maybe ordered 2 Litres!!!

  • This juice is outstanding! 60 ml in 2 days easily. Excellent flavor profile, without being too sweet. Very well balanced. Keep up the great work guys!

  • This juice is OUTSTANDING. I am so in love with this buttery yes Buttery maple juice. It’s more like a fused maple butter. I was so afraid it would be too sweet with the maple but no it’s so creamy good it’s almost gone just like that, addicting you have to get some. I love it so much I want to work with Coastal Clouds!!!

  • I live dessert flavors. Im not much on the berry stuff, but there are several dessert flavors I kind of like…. or at least I DID like them, before I tried Maple Butter f4om Coastal Clouds.
    Now? Nothing else will do. Ma0le Butter is the ONLY thing I want to vape. It’s my “go to” juice. The only thing I want to vape.
    If you like a good juice that’s FULL of flavor hit after hit… you owe it to yourself to try this juice…. its the BOMB.
    I vape at .6 and its sweet and buttery.

    Shane…. a VERY happy coastal clouds customer.