Mango Berries



Flavor Profile:

Grab the refreshing combination of local tropical mango blended with splashes of berries.

Customer Reviews

  • These guys and gals know what they doing! Lol. Dwam mango berries is just awesome! Got a bottle as a Christmas present and couldnt find the stuff in any stores around me. Thanks! Cant wait for it to get here!

  • the traveler was just dope as hell like when i first got it it smelt good as hell then i used it more and i just stopped tasting it unless i was like high or sum but yes i reccomend

  • Love the maple butter

  • I dont do berry flavors.
    Coastal was kind enough to send me a bottle of Mango Berries with my last order for me to try.
    It came at a .6.
    I actually like this a lot. I will be ordering more. In fact, Ive let a few friends and family try this…. so now, I will be ordering some for a few other people as well.
    My niece vapes a .3… but even at .6 this wasn’t too harsh for her. She made me fill her tank before I left for the night.
    Her friend vapes a zero… (I never see the point to a zero) she liked it at a .6 and wants me to order her some on my next order.
    My Brother says “all juices taste the same” but he likes the Mango Berries and says its the best he’s tried so far.
    I don’t care for berry flavored juices and I like it.
    If you like berry flavored juice, and mango and kiwi… you’ll LOVE this juice. It tastes like a mango berry popsicle, just like they claim. And its LOADED with flavor… none of that weak ass “I think I can taste it” shit.