Lemon Meringue Pie



Flavor Profile:

Venture out for a slice of refreshingly tart and subtly sweet lemon meringue pie.

Customer Reviews

  • I couldn’t beĺieve how good this merangue is and I still can’t! It tastes like the pie my grandmother used to make! ( and I’m 62). So full of body….I do have to change my coil every 2 days, but hey- it’s worth it. Absolutely hooked on this flavour. The merangue is SO THERE!

  • I am a huge lemon meringue pie fan. I don’t like to eat it but I love it in a vape. I have had 3 other lemon meringue flavors and this is by far the best. It’s very fluffy and sweet. The lemon is there definitely, but it’s not over powering like most that I have tried have been. I will definitely recommend this to all meringue lovers